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Did Debbie Siebers kick your tush today?

Slim in 6'ers
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If you've ever bought Slim in 6, tried Slim in 6, or finished Slim in 6.. then this community is for you. If you've ever seen the infomercial and wondered if it worked, then this community is for you. If you're unhappy and want to lose weight and/or be fit in a healthy and totally great way for the rest of your life.. this community is for you. Questions and don't know where else to ask, try here. I think we could all benefit from this community.

I created this community for a number of reasons.

Don't get me wrong, I love the BB message boards. Absolutely love them. I couldn't have made the progress mentally or physically without them, and I don't plan on stopping utilizing them, and I don't suggest you do either. This is just one more supplemental community. But for my own self, and for a lot of you out there, I need a place where I can keep track of my specific information. It's kind of like that book they sent with the program, except it will be an ongoing thing. It doesn't end at week 6 day 6/7. It ends at the end of time. It's a place where I can write down what I did, the intensity that I did it, what I ate, my measurements, pictures, etc. And I'll always be able to go and just look at MY information. As well as check up on you guys and see your progress. I think if we write these things down, it'll hold us more accountable. So.. this community is for all things Slim in 6, or even all things Beachbody. Anybody is welcome to join. If you guys want, it can be a "community only" thing.. so if you don't want everyone to see your Day 1 pictures yet, then we can do it that way. You just have to make your entry "friends only" and then only the people in this community can see it, (as long as you're posting IN this community.)

Some rules:

1. This is a place where we can motivate eachother in just one more way. Please don't bash.
2. Please rant, rave, post pictures, links, helpful info.. whatever. But keep swearing to a minimum and no nudity please. If you're in a bathing suit, or covered as much so, that's totally fine!
3. Keep Pushing Play and Bring it on!

manderwoos aka Mandahlynn
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