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Tue, Apr. 24th, 2007, 02:58 pm
apple_scruff: Newbie!

I know this community hasn't been updated in a while, but I thought I'd post anyway.

I've decided to get in shape this year because I had lost 20 pounds about two years ago and gained it all back. I started off going to the gym and lost 10 pounds, which was fine, but I'm trying to cut down on my bills/spending and the gym had to go for a number of reasons.

I recently acquired this program (no resistance band, though :\) and had heard that some people lost 20-30 pounds using this program and I started it as of yesterday. As much as I would love to lose that much weight I'll be thrilled to lose another 10. I got the calendar that went with it, but not the diet so I'm going to just do my own thing and see what happens. As this looks like a great, free alternative to the gym I'm excited to get started.

So. My question for you is, not going through the back entries, did this program work for you?

The other question I had was, tell I'm not the only one who's in a LOT of pain. lol. I could keep up with the program pretty well, but the entire day I was sore and I could barely get through the program today because I was in so much pain. Any suggestions to maybe ease the pain a little?

That's all. Wish me luck! :)

Wed, Aug. 30th, 2006, 06:13 pm
locarb_lobudget: Slim in 6

Hi all... I was wondering if anyone would like to start Slim in 6 with me. I got 2 1/2 weeks into the program but didn't continue and I'm looking to try again.


Tue, Mar. 21st, 2006, 10:55 am
prissy_girl: (no subject)

I know this community isn't terribly active, but I figured someone might be able to help :D

I am getting ready to start the program (my sister bought it a little over a year ago, but it never interested me until recently). Anyways she lost all the instructions and whatever comes with the dvds. I have the dvds and the resistance (?) bands. So what else do I need.

And how long is each program done for?

I just need some help please figuring this out, I thought maybe the site would have it for download but it doesn't :D


Sat, Jul. 9th, 2005, 05:30 am
perpetualbliss5: slim in 6 vs. project you

hey, i'm new, and i need advice! i'm a 19 year old girl (20 in september), i'm 5'9, weigh 183 and wear a size 12. the weight is mostly in my thighs and my lower abdomen. i lost a lot of weight a while ago, but i havent been able to keep up since, havent gained anything back, but i havent been working out to get toned

so im wondering, after a very interesting ad on television early this morning, which beachbody.com workout plan i should go with. (there isn't a community for both so i figured i'd post here, hope that's ok!) which do you suggest between slim in 6 and project you? i realize this is a slim in 6 community, but has anyone ever tried any of the other workout plans? what are some of the great things you've found in slim in 6? any information or advice or words of motivation are greatly appreciated.

thanks so much!

Fri, Jun. 24th, 2005, 11:24 am
manderwoos: (no subject)

I see you guys out there, how is everyone doing?


"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and
strong. The amount of work is the same."
--F. Reigler

Tue, Mar. 8th, 2005, 07:05 pm
sammyjo3418: Just started today

I just started today with Start It Up-I couldn't even make it through the first part-I could only handle 15 minutes. Did anyone else start this way? I am so out of shape

Wed, Sep. 29th, 2004, 02:00 pm
ganemmy: hi (:

I finally got around to getting myself measured. I restarted the program this week, so I guess we'll see how it goes :)

Hips 50.25
Arms 15.5
Weight 238
Body Fat:43.70

Good luck!

Sat, Sep. 25th, 2004, 10:57 pm
bunny_cheeks: (no subject)

Hey everyone,

My name is Sydney, and I'm just now starting slim in 6. I have been on and off the "Low Carb" diet through out the entire summer, and it has really worked (I have lost about 30 to 35 lbs) but I just feel I need something new and fresh.

And the slim in 6 program really got my attention, especially all those sucess stories.

I have successfully finished today without stuffing my face(I'm going to try and see if I can hold out for tomorrow as well- the 2 day fast.). And on monday it will be time to pop that dvd in. I hope I can do the whole workout without giving up.

Anyways...I'm a real perfectionist, and I want to do this diet by the book (to get the best results.). I'm even gonna do one of the express diet plans (The 6 day plan) after the 6 week program. Considering I have never done this before, does anyone with slim in 6 experience think I would be demanding too much if I was hoping to drop several sizes?

I'm a size 12 now, and 5'6. I'm around 165-170 lbs. It would just make my day if I could be a size 8 or 9 when this is all over and done with.

Tell me if I'm shouldn't hold my breath. ;_;

Tue, Sep. 21st, 2004, 01:37 pm
ganemmy: (no subject)

I started the program yesterday. I cheated, i skipped the fast but I did the SIU all weekend. So monday I felt confident enough to try the next one.. Ram it up maybe? I have a bad memory with names, ask manderwoos :) How does any human being keep their leg up that long after the resistence band portion?! It is unhuman, I swear. I'm not sure if I'm doing the workouts correctly or not. In the morning I do the first 20 minutes of RIU and i attempt to do the entire workout before I leave for work at 2pm. Tonight I'm going to try to do the slim and 6 pack before I go to bed.

I'm a member of Curves, anyone know if I could supplement my morning workout with a curves workout, since curves is strength and cardio training? I have tried to read those message boards, but it just feels so unorganized to read replies to certain questions.

I have been so organized when it comes to work. I work 330pm until midnight and don't get home until after 1am. So before work i baggie my fruits and cottage cheese (i never realized how good cottage cheese is) and pack them in a lunch back with my lunch. People must think i'm nuts, I have 2 baggies of grapes and a tupperware barely a 1/4 full of cottage cheese. Oh well :)

I never measured myself. If I make it to curves tomorrow I'll make them :)

Anyhow, have a great day :) Keep pushing play Everyday! (I like the way that rhymes)


Sat, Sep. 4th, 2004, 01:52 pm
manderwoos: (no subject)

All right girls. We have a couple new members.. and none of you posting!

So my journey through SI6 has been good this week. I started with SIU the first two days and then switched to ramp it up. I completed RIU the last four days and today is my resting day! Yay! Although, I think I'll go swimming and do some S&L and S&6pack. I can't totally rest.. I need to keep stretching the hamstring that I pulled yesterday. My diet hasn't been totally good this week, so this next week I'm hoping to kick it in the butt so I can get some really great results.

How are you guys doing? And yay! I convinced my friend ganemmy to order and so she's going to do it with us!